When Did Bad Become Okay?

When did bad photography become okay? Specifically, when did it become okay to PUBLISH bad photography and even feature it prominently? I can’t  let some of this stuff go by without comment–it just shows up in my mailbox! The current issue of TABLE Magazine (Summer 2010) has a cover image titled “Summer Fling” with two people picnicing. The couple looks unhappy–like they are discussing a divorce instead of having a fling! There’s no FUN in the image–and surely fun was what was intended, right? Details: The guy’s butt is facing the camera–who needs that? There is a SIDEWALK prominent in the background! Huh? They’re having a fling in their front yard? Ugh! Bad photography–bad posing, poor location choice–pure schlock. Inside the same issue, it gets no better. The article entitled Fill the Cooler has a nice full page image of a tub of cheerful drinks–with the distracting sides of two houses in the background directly behind the cool tub of stuff! Hint: It’s a still-life! You can position it anywhere! Move it in front of a decent background! Continue reading When Did Bad Become Okay?

VFL In Your Future?

Is the Video Game Fun League (VFL) in our future? With apologies to the NFL–and every other legitimate sports league, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports today that two channels of South Korean television are dedicated to video games. The games are treated just like a real sporting event with announcers calling the play by play and all the typical sports league boo-ya. Coming soon to a TV channel near you! How soon will it be before top video game players have agents and contracts worth millions? It’s going to be a bit weird seeing these “heroes” in the news, all pasty-faced and geeked-out with no muscles and not much else to show for their stardom. And just imagine the sex scandals! Tell me this life isn’t strange enough already…

If Harry Potter Plays, Will You Watch?
If Harry Potter Plays, Will You Watch?

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Engagement Pictures In The Rain

It is pouring down rain outside. How the heck do you make their outdoor enagement pictures look good? Our answer is to find a covered portico somewhere and light from the side as though it was sunset. The image below was taken with a Quantum Qflash on a high stand 30 yards away with a CTO gel on it to simulate sunset. The light is standing in a pouring down rain covered by a clear plastic bag!

Obviously, we are at Pittsburgh’s most-photographed location–CMU Institute across the street from Heinz Chapel.

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